The MC4N is a new concept in high performance Motion Coordinators which is dedicated to running remote servo and stepper drives via the EtherCAT real time automation bus.

The MC4N supports up to 32 axes of motion with 64 bit integer position registers for ultra precise axis resolution. EtherCAT slave drives and I/O can be connected and run in cyclic synchronous position, speed or torque modes provided these are supported by the drive.

Network Concept

EtherCAT Controller : MC4N

Motor & Drive :

As a Preferred Drives Company we have a special arrangement with Trio Motion Technology Ltd a UK specialist in high performance motion control to supply their EtherCAT masters via our own Worldwide network of distributors.

The combination of our EtherCAT drives together with the Trio MC4N ECAT master offers a world beating package for multi-axis machine control in the automation industry for practically any application.