Ezi-IO Plus-E

1. Ethernet Based Digital I/O Module
Ezi-IO Ethernet DIO Series are products which provide Digital input and output module with Ethernet network so that customers can easily control many peripheral devices on the equipment as needed.
2. Supported FASTECH Protocol
It is easy to use for users of the existing Ethernet series due to using the same Ethernet communication protocol as the existing Plus-E product series.
3. Provide User GUI and Library
For customer convenience in a PC-controlled environment, the Graphic User Interface and Windows 7/8/10 corresponding Library (DLL) are provided.
4. Speciallized Module
Ezi-IO Ethernet DIO supports independent 16CH/32CH input and 16CH/32CH output module products, and can be applied to various installation environments by selecting NPN or PNP type. In addition, Input module has Latch and Latch Count function, so it is possible to detect and count without losing important signal change, and Output module supports Trigger output function to set and output the signal of fixed period and fixed quantity
5. Digital I/O Photocoupler Isolation
By using photocoupler isolation elements, input and output circuit of both side can be protected from electrical damage.