Other 56. May I receive the data about the difference between Ezi-SERVO and S-SERVOII? 1209
Other 55. I’m preparing to choose a motor. If there is a selection tool or guide lines for choosing a motor, could you please send it to me? 1299
Other 54. What’s FASTECH’s product warranty? 1095
Other 53. I’m going to export equipment with FASTECH’s product. What kinds of certification FASTECH have? 1381
Other 52. Is it possible to purchase a single product not unit? and is it possible to purchase brake and gearbox only? 1114
Products Capacity 51. Does Ezi-SERVO have Run Current setting function similar to S-SERVOII? And is it possible to check the Ezi-SERVO torque curve by setting Run Current similar to S-SERVOII on the catalog? 1136
Products Capacity 50. FASTECH’s product is based on stepping motors which means it can’t calculate Watt capacity like the servo motor. How can you provide me with the rough capacity estimation or motor size in or to re… 1098
Products Capacity 49. I’d like to purchase S-SERVOII and have a test run. How do I set up Boost current? If there’s a parameter setting program for download, could you please send it to me? 1028
Products Capacity 48. I’ve been using the Ezi-SERVO instead of the general servo motor. Is it possible to exchange the servo motor system for the S-SERVOII? 1049
Products Capacity 47. S-SERVOII features current control according to Load, is it a general feature for all stepping motors? 927