1. Hollow Rotary Table
Large Diameter hollow bore to penetrate the output table equipped HB Series ensure flexibility and convenience in the design of equipment when install complex wiring and piping.
Model Name Size of plinth(Frame Size) Hollow Bore Diameter
HB60 60mm Ø27mm
HB85 85mm Ø37mm
HB130 130mm Ø55mm
2. Accurate Timing Belt Driven
Extremely low backlash timing belt direct drive, so that repetitive posi-tioning accuracy from single direction is +/-30sec and lost motion by positioning two directions for less than 6min and the precise positioning can be determined. Involute teeth type of timing belt enables Max. electric capacity and low noise operation.
3. High Rigidity
High rigidity of 2 Deep Groove Ball Bearing and hollow rotary table integ-rated HB Series maximizes allowable thrust load and moment load. Also high rigidity carbon steel timing pulley reinforce durability of abrasion and innovate durability.
4. Long & Durable Life
To solve most common fracture of the motor shaft at timing belt drive actuator, HB series dramatically improves endurance to resolve driven motor shaft’s fatigue from the timing belt tension of the driven motor shaft fatigue with bearings firmly supports driven pulley directly coupled with motor shaft.
5. Fast Response
The combination of a high-rigidity hollow rotary table and Ezi-SERVO, a high-precision closed loop stepping motor control system, can significantly reduce positioning time even with large inertial loads.
6. Supporting Various Field Network
Ezi-Robo HB is a unit that combines Ezi-SERVO, a high performance closed loop step drive. Ezi-SERVO drives that support field networks such as EtherCAT, Ethernet and CC-Link can be connected to master controllers such as PC/PLC through corresponding field networks. In case of Ezi-SERVOⅡ Plus-E products, motion library(DLL) for Windows 7/8/10 can be provided.
7. Applicable to Abrupt Load Fluctuations and Rapid Acceleration Applications
The Ezi-Robo HB Series driven by Ezi-SERVO, a closed-loop stepping motor control system without step-out, has no fine vibrations, i.e. hunting problem unlike general servo system. In addition, It is Tuning Free Actuator that does not require gain adjustment for abrupt load fluctuation.
8. Avaliable I/O signal
The Ezi-SERVO drive offers the ability to process multiple input and output signals. Equipment can be configured without a separate I/O device.

· EtherCAT : 7 inputs / 6 outputs
· CC-Link : 7 inputs / 6 outputs
· Ethernet : 9 inputs / 9 outputs
* For more details on I/O signals, Please erfer to the catalog or manual of each drive.
9. Position Table Function
Position Table can be used for motion control by digital input and output signals of host controller. You can operate the motor directly by sending the position table number, start / stop, origin search and other digital input values from a PLC. The PLC can monitor The In-Position, origin search, moving / stop, servo ready and other digital output signals from a drive. A maximum of 256 positioning points can be set from PLC.
11. Examples of Ezi-Robo HB Applications