FASTECH Introduction

Professional Motion
Control Company
Fastech has secured optimized management system by continuous challenge spirit and constant innovation based on Fastech its own technology in a motion control business filed thru long time experiences and achieved value of customer satisfaction with the best quality and competitiveness. By establishment of toehold, Fastech will be grown up as worldwide motion control company.
Optimized Total Solution Provider Based
on High Level of Technical Skills
Fastech provides total solutions mostly covers motion controller (Closed Loop Stepping System), Open Loop Stepping System, Various Field Network Solution and various unit product combine with mechanisms are all required from motion control market field. In addition, thru continuous technical research and product development, we build very concrete establishment to provide optimized total solution matching any requests from customers.
Create the happiness for all
Leads The Market
with a Constant Innovation
Fastech has been going ahead on the road not taken by anyone with continuous effort and innovation. Then now Fastech has positioned as leading company in a Closed Loop Stepping market area since last 19 years after company establishment and is ready to build maximized business growth thru world-wide exports as a Global Brand. Fastech will continue to generate infinite value with a product and quality fulfill customer's requirements based on continuous innovation, up-to-date idea and top level of technology.
Honest and
Trustful Company
Fastech will continue to do our best to realize stable management, strict quality control and customer first service to be a long term trustful partner shares value and target with all of customers. Also Fastech will go forward as creditable company treasure value of craftmanship and partnership as motion control specialized company.

Secure global standardized quality system

Fastech secures quality management system matching global standard for systematic quality management and implementation and set the target to provide zero defects product thru strict self quality management system.


Participate in domestic and global exhibitions
Fastech does our best to maximize opportunity to meet customers thru domestic and overseas exhibitions and introduce new technology and product.
Technical consultation and motor selection service
Please call to main phone number of Fastech and will do our best to support on time.
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Field technical support and technology seminar
Please call to main phone number of Fastech for any questionnaires or troubles about Fastech products then we will execute field technical support and technology seminar.
Technical training
Fastech prepares various customized training program for matching each different level of customers and implements technical training for our product. If need, please contact with our main phone number of Fastech.


Factory Automation Field
PCB Mounting machine / Semicon processing machine / Surface mounting inspection / Printing machine / LCD, LED, OLED Manufacturing process / Die Bonder / Portable mobile device manufacturing / Scriber / Electronic component packaging / Pick & Place process / Automobile manufacturing process / Soldering Process / Dispensing / Etc
Basic Industry Field
CNC Engraving / Welding machine / Cutting machine / Drilling machine / Metal, Wood, Stone machining / Glass cutting / Bending machine / Laser marking machine / Etc
Bio Medical Field
Dental device / Dispensing equipment / Fluid control device / Laboratory device / Pump control device / Gene division machine / Power distribution device / Microscope / Etc
Mechanism / Robot Field
UVW Stage / Single, Multi-Axes Stage / Table top robot / Cartesian robot / Etc
Military Industry Field
Night monitoring camera / Surveillance camera / Night vision thermo-tracking system / Etc
New Energy Industry Technology
Solar panel handling / Solar panel cutting / Solar tracking machine / Etc
Textile / Fashion Industry Field
Textile machine / Embroidery machine / Cosmetic packaging and feeding machine / Etc
Entertainment Industry Field
4D Theater dynamic seat / Kinetic Art / Water fountain nozzle control device / Professional broadcasting camera device / Etc
Agricultural Industry Field
Planting machine / Automatic seeding machine / other kinds of agricultural machine / Etc