FASTECH Technology

Closed Loop Stepping System Technology
FASTECH is a market leader, on the leading edge and in Closed Loop Stepping System technology, which is controlling the motion by getting the feedback from the high resolution encoder attached to the stepping motor and compensating the error through the closed loop control, which make it possible to recognize the exact position, free from setp out and quite different from conventional Open Loop Stepping. Closed Loop Stepping System make it enable to return back to the original position automatically even in the case of position error generated by external force such as mechanical vibration or unexpected mechanical shock as it has stable and high holding torque at stop and controlled by closed loop. By using Closed Loop Stepping System provided by FASTECH, customer can untilize 100% of motor torque while conventional Open Loop Stepping can not use it up to full range because of the step out concern.
Difference from Servo System
Closed Loop Stepping System provided by FASTECH shall not have any hunting issue which can be occurred generally in applying Servo System since FASTECH is adopting the characteristics of stepping motor which will have high torque at stop while it is controlled by closed loop such as Servo System. Furthermore, As it employs the best practice of stepping system and closed loop control to eliminate the need of tedious gain tuning required for Servo System generally, it does not need any gain tuning which shall need wasting setup time. Since it provides short settling time similar to conventional stepping system by instant synchronizing with command pulses, providing fast positional response, it could improve the performance of machine by shortening the positioning time in the case of high speed short pitch motion. FASTECH's Closed Loop Stepping System is especially suited well for low stiffness load such as Belt & Pulley system which make Servo System require to match the inertial with additional expenses and bulk of gear box.
Characteristics of Ezi-SERVO Series
Ezi-SERVO realized the high speed arithmetic & motion control algorithm by using the 32bit DSP, and simultaneouly this makes come true the FAS(Fast Accurate and Smooth) Motion which are the most significant factors in Motion Control Business. So Ezi-SERVO series can be found in various appliacations such as LCD/OLED Manufacturing, Semi-conductor fabrication, Assembly machines, Packaging machines, Medical diagnostic equipment, Laboratory apparatus, Vision inspection systems and many other applications that require precise smooth movement, Ezi-SERVO adopts industry standard NEMA mounting flanges and can easily adopted to most at linear actuators and precision stages.